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Washington Lee Class of 1969

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Attending or not, you can order the DVD Movie (35 minutes) AND/OR or the Photo CD.  This Photo CD will have 200 to 300 photos of the reunion weekend action and will also include the Sr Picture Pages scanned and the Reunion Memories PowerPoint Show.
Click here to see  Reunion Memories  detail and order form.
Note:  You can also order using the credit card links below.

This item will have 35 to 50 minutes of video action from the 40th Reunion. 
$35.00 -  See Best Buy to save!

This item will contain 200 to 300 photos taken during the Friday and Saturday 40th reunion activities.
$30.00 -  See Best Buy and Save!

BEST BUY!  Get both items above and SAVE 30%!