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Washington Lee Class of 1969

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Register and or Donate Here by major credit card. Or, by check to WL69/BHR, 540 Meadow Drive, Bristol, VA  24201.

See What is Included near the bottom of this page.

Donations to the reunion are welcome and appreciated. Donors (names only) listed in reunion materials unless told otherwise by email.
Rates will remain at $90 based on excellent early registrations. You do not need a PayPal account to use Paypal.  If you do not have an account, click 'continue' in the left side wording after clicking button choice below.
The per person rate is $90 per person.  This is an excellent rate for the DC area.  Average is $140 for other support companies and they do not offer what Big Hit Reunion offers.

See buttons below.  Choose ONE BUTTON.
See Donation button also.

Click Here for "Early Bird' FULL payment for one person.  $90.00

Click for "Early Bird" Full Payment for two persons $180.00.

DONATIONS:  Use the button below to donate to the reunion. Donations will help print and event committees and will keep our registration rate at $90.00.

What is Included?

Big Hit Reunion (our partner) is providing support for over 11 months and will help to provide a long-running reunion event vs just a one night event.  The text below describes some of the negotiated items that the registration fees will cover.

Beginning November 15, 2000 and completions prior to the event weekend

Site negotiations and payments for Friday and Saturday bookings, contracts, and deposits
Paid Web Page updated weekly or more as needed
Class email account to enhance communication to committee and or classmates.
Moderated email - for communication, Bio Collection, news, etc.
Emailed newsletters (at least one per month) to include short BIOs, photos, etc).
BIOs to be collected and made available in the Registration packet 
HUNT Club assistance including phone calls and Internet searches
Registration services including pay by credit card or check to Big Hit Reunion
Reunion consultation included (by phone or email as needed).
Guidance to committees (Display, Picture, Registration table, Music, Agenda, Events, and other as determined by the Reunion Committee)


Scanning of the senior picture pages and more from the class senior year annual
Creation of Picture and Name badge (Saturday night) and write-on badges provided (Friday)
Music CD with 20 songs from 1969 era. One free CD for each classmate registered ($20 value).
Two paid-for mailings (including materials provided by the Committee)
     Creation of Play List CDs: Six hours of songs from the class year era for background play on Friday and Saturday evening

Big Hit Reunion Completions during the weekend event

   Paid Venue for Saturday including all deposits and negotiations
   Food committee consultation and guidance
   Saturday venue to have color coordination in the table coverings
   Six hours of appropriate music (school days era) on CD (2 nights if needed)          
   Paid food event on Saturday – includes all deposits, tax, tips. 
   Menus to be determined by committee   
   Cash Bar(s) include pay and tip for bartenders. Cash Bars to include selection of wine, beer, and cocktails.  

    Sound system provided for music and for reunion committee speakers
PowerPoint Show from scanned annual and shots from classmate collections
    Photography services for 250/300 candid shots (for extra purchase)
   Videography services for a 40 to 50 minute DVD (for extra purchase)


  Class agrees to provide a team to assist with Registration Table activities

Notes: Any costs for alcohol related activities (not the drinks themselves) will be handled via a cash bar arrangement negotiated by Big Hit Reunion with the chosen venue(s). This also provides best risk management for both parties. Costs for sleeping rooms/lodging is not included in the registration fees. Refund policy:  Full refund if requested by June 15, 2009.  50% refund up to August 1, 2009. No refund after August 1, 2009  In the case of a cancellation without full refund, Big Hit Reunion will provide at no additional charge the DVD Movie and Photo CD

Refunds:  50% refunds are made if requested from June 1 to July 31.  After August 1 , no refunds as all deposits will be paid by then.  And, every classmate who registers will receive the Reunion Memories (movie DVD and Photo CD) even if they cannot attend for whatever reason.

TEST programming -  Do Not Use!