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Washington Lee Class of 1969

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WL 1969 Recoginition at the Friday Night Football Game
All,   W-L would like to have  a small celebration at half time of their homecoming game during the weekend of our 40th reunion (Friday September 25) to recognize and honor the Class of 1969 football players, Cheerleaders, and Majorettes.   The nature and scope of the event hasn't been fully worked out; but, its an extremely nice gesture on the part of the school and should be a lot of fun. 

Two requests:  First, would you let me know if you plan to attend the football game so that we can help the school with necessary arrangements?   Second, would you please check the data below and let me know if I've missed someone that was on one of the teams and/or if you know how to reach any of the individuals listed as  "lost" in the last column of the spreadsheet. 
My email address is:; and my phone number is (703) 648-6878.
Hope to see you later in the month,
Sills Norris E   3/2/2001
Carmichael Frederick   3/2/2001
Kuznicki Marilea J Waters 5/3/2001
Wegner Paul D   4/2/2005
Carroll Joseph H.   5/9/2006
De Marr Barry B.   11/9/2008
Bradshaw Jeannie M. Horneman 11/10/2008
Pierce Donald A   11/14/2008
Hilburn Brian M.   11/26/2008
Woodbury Parris M   12/1/2008
Hill Susan N.   12/28/2008
Moore Robert T   12/30/2008
Ford William R.   12/31/2008
Ettleman Vicki L. Futscher 1/6/2009
Sharff Paula N Duesing 1/6/2009
Helwig Marcia E. Wiggins 1/10/2009
Harrison Reginald Kamal Ali Salaam-El 1/11/2009
Chrisman Karen J. Taber 1/12/2009
Johnson Marilyn R. Smith 1/15/2009
Dineen Barry P.   1/18/2009
O'Grady Brenda S Liistro 1/20/2009
Shultz G. Rob   2/2/2009
Wharam Franklin D   3/29/2009
Tucker Marilyn Nicol 12/0408
Bailey Richard W.   Lost
Carpenter Aaron L.   Lost
Clifton Phillip   Lost
Gorman John S.   Lost
Kibler Robert L.   Lost
Wilson Stalling V   Lost
Stanton Mike R